Web design

Responsive designs

A responsive design automatically adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet or mobile, without the need for separate website designs for varying platforms. Your site will always be accessible whatever the platform.

With more than 60% of traffic now on mobile this is now an absolute necessity.

Keep up-to-date

There's nothing worse than a website that's out of date. It presents a poor image for your business or organisation that's guaranteed to ensure visitors don't come back.

The reason is simple - you turn to someone to design a website and initially, it's great. Then, when the time comes to add something new, or update information, you find there's a cost involved and it all becomes too difficult.

We specialise in designing websites around Joomla!, the leading Content Management System (CMS). Our Content Management System puts you in control:

  • Add pages and modules
  • Add pictures and diagrams
  • Add and/or change your text from the frontend of the website
  • Add links to documents pages or websites

It's functional and flexible, and separates the design from the content. So you can easily update your website whenever you want without any technical knowledge, or we can easily do it for you. Just send your changes to us and they will be done the same day.

Web standards compliance

More than 40% of the world's web users have turned their backs on Microsoft Internet Explorer and are using several free, open-source alternatives, notably Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They are generally the browsers that web designers use (we do), but unfortunately many design with Explorer and their sites just don't work in the others.

All our sites comply with the latest web standards, don't use outmoded html techniques and look great in every browser. So your visitors always see you in your best light.